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A holistic learning experience where we nurture your children in a healthy environment to unfold their potential for the future.


Is Our Passion

Tadika Twinkle Star is a renowned and trusted name in the field of nursey and kindergarten education for decades. Parents select us when they know that the child has reached the right age to be in a safe and healthy environment outside the four walls of their home where his social emotional and needs will be fully satisfied and his learning ability will be finely developed under the able guidance of his caring and loving teachers.

How do we shine with our children?

Early year education has great significance to develop children’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills. It is a prerequisite of primary education and serves as a solid foundation that develops child’s ability to comprehend primary level concepts and perform at age appropriate level with ease. A comprehensive early year programme is a stepping stone for a child to strengthen his literacy and numeracy skills and make him an independent and self-reliant learner.

Positive Environment

We offer a nurturing learning environment with a fine balance of curricular and extra-curricular activities

Enriching Curriculum

We offer a broad, balanced and enriching curriculum that prepares children for their next phase of education with a special focus on SJKC and SJK requirements


Our well qualified and experienced teachers are strongly trusted by parents for their commitment towards children’s well being

High Quality Economical Service

We offer high quality service against an economical fee structure

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The Twinkle Star Ecosystem

A standardized and unified system in all Tadika Twinkle Star branches distinguish it from other preschool models which operate under one name but with their individualized operating procedures. Whereas Tadika Twinkle Star under the vision of its pioneer commits excellent preschool service following strong and well defined systems and procedures to ensure that the every child learns to the best of his ability and is provided equal opportunity to unleash his hidden potential.

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How to enroll your child?

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Parents visit the school and guided by the school staff on the facilities and services



Registration form to be filled in by the parents along with the payment of registration fee



Informal assessment of child to observe his physical and cognitive development and basic information about surroundings



Parents submit documents, IC of parents, passport photograph of the child, birth certificate and vaccination card



Submission of semester fee and school fee

"Early Childhood education is the key to the betterment of society."

Maria Montessori

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With a preschool education developed by our team of childcare experts, integrating:
⭐️Arts and Crafts,
⭐️Multimedia Learning program
⭐️Primary Education preparation courses
⭐️Based on the latest KSPK by MOE
⭐️Mandarin language syllabus
⭐️Higher Order Thinking Skills have been integrated
⭐️We’re dedicated to preparing your children for the future.

Delivering only the best for your children, we are reopening with:
🌻Full compliance of SOPs.
🌻No registration fees
🌻Free uniform sets and sport t-shirt
🌻Books and enrichment activity books coverage*

There is no time like now to begin the journey of education.