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Tadika Twinkle Star is a renowned and trusted name in the field of nursey and kindergarten education for decades. Parents select us when they know that the child has reached the right age to be in a safe and healthy environment outside the four walls of their home where his social emotional and needs will be fully satisfied and his learning ability will be finely developed under the able guidance of his caring and loving teachers.


A nurturing, resilient and creative learning community where children enthusiastically enjoy inspirational learning opportunities and realize their potential.

Our Values


We are a role model for others and make a positive influence to achieve a shared vision. We are innovative, exhibit problem solving skills and self-assured of our abilities. We express our creative ideas and thoughts confidently and make decisions for collective benefits.


We are curious and motivated learners. We welcome each day with excitement and enjoy learning new things. We embrace challenges confidently and take keen interest in each learning experience we have at school.


Our well qualified and experienced teachers are strongly trusted by parents for their commitment towards children’s well being


We demonstrate bravery and grit in all difficult situations. We are open and flexible towards change but consistently move ahead towards our goals. We take mistakes and failures as a part of our journey and we learn from each experience without giving up.


We make positive relationships and encourage everyone to grow. We take care of people around us, value their feelings and emotions, and respect differences. We are protective towards people and environment around us.

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