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Your decision and choice of schooling has a life-long impact on your child’s achievements. Choosing a warm, healthy, calm Pre-School education environment for your children provides them the best start in life. Happy children who learn through playing develop an affection for their School which is the first step to achievement in life.

Pre-School education is internationally recognised as a foundation for human development, where children learn readily. Our professional staff are observant of all our students providing appropriate instruction whenever required.  Through proper guidance, we lay a strong foundation for our children to grow and develop their potential, build self-confidence and expand their horizons.

At Tadika Twinkle Star, we provide a first class education that sets the foundations for academic success, life-long learning and joyful lives. A unique ethos, characterised by a commitment to Early Year’s education in the broadest sense, we ensure that each child attains high academic standards in a safe and stimulating environment where they develop to their full potential.

Our committed and talented teaching staff work closely with parents and their children to create an inspiring and nurturing environment where every child is challenged and supported.

Like you, we want your child to be happy, resilient and to flourish.

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